Customer Success Toolstack
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For CS team sizes < 10                                                                                # Tools used by CSM/week: 17 (avg)
Individual tools
Note taking
Screen recording
Task management
Data analysis (lightweight)
Company wide tools

Video meeting
Chat (Team commn)
Project mgmt/Tickets
Knowledge sharing

Industry scenarios

Know about the toolstack used by customer success teams across different industry domains and segments.
Examples here are shared generously by CS community leaders, members.

B2B SaaS - Healthcare

Company Size: ~200

"We're in the process of developing out our roadmaps and a more consistent way to monitor for ​enterprise customers, it's been working nicely with the slack integration for triggers and monitoring customer journey milestones. Not totally sustainable long-term, but finding it a really great way to justify budget for spending funds on a CS platform"

- Jung Kim

Information Technology & Services

Company Size: ~500

Currently working to create a community for customers, users -
"similar to the Customer Success Leadership Network slack workspace. The key learning is how important it is to have some designated moderators to get conversations started."

Kate Persons

ERP automation platform

Company Size: ~2.2K

"70% or more of our CSM's time is spent in Gainsight as we've built that out as our go-to place for customer information. Slack, Zendesk and Pendo all integrate or we use S3 buckets to push data where we need it to go for easy access."

Katie Baker